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Fits:BMW 1992-99 E36 3-Series NEW PARKING Emergency BRAKE BOOT COVER

Fits:BMW 1992-99   E36 3-Series  NEW PARKING Emergency BRAKE BOOT COVER
Item# bmw--e-46-new-parking-emergency-brake-boot-cov46
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This is a new parking emergency brake boot custom-made for a BMW E36. It will fit on All BMW E-36 3-Series here are years & models : Sedans 316i (1992-1998) 318i (1992-1998) 318iS (1992-1998) 318tds (1994-1998) 320i (1992-1998) 323i (1995-1998) 325i (1992-1995) 325td (1992-1998) 325tds (1993-1998) 328i (1994-1998) M3 Evo (1997-1998) S50B32 Coupes 316i (1993-1998) 318is (1992-1999) 320i (1992-1998) 323is (1995-1999) 325is (1992-1995)B25 328i (1995-1998) 328is (1995-1999) M3 (1993-1995) S50B30 M3 Evo (1996-1998) S50B32 Convertibles (Cabriolets) 318ic (1994-1998) 320ic (1993-1994) 320ic (1994-1998) 325ic (1993-1994) 328ic (1995-1999) M3 (1994-1996) S50B30 M3 Evo (1996-1998) S50B32 Touring (Wagons) 316iT (1998) 318iT (1995-1998) 318tds (1995-1998) 320iT (1995-1998) 325iT (1996-1998) 325tds (1995-1998) 328iT (1995-1998) 316i (1994-1998) 318tds (1995-1998) 318ti (1994-1998) 323ti (1996-1998) The color is a SAND BEIGE automotive real leather with double top sewing stitching just like OEM BMW BOOT. Here is a custom -made and remarkable looking boot.This would make an excellent replacement. This boot will really pick up your car interior and make it looks much better.We also have an armrest upholstery and shift boot as well in the same color to make a full set. We aslo have this boot in any OEM BMW COLORs like titan grey, jet black and many more.Please note:BOOT ONLY. The plastic FRAME (surround) or the handle is not included. You can simply reuse an old one from your car.